Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hibiscus + star tattoo?

I need help finding a picture of a hibiscus flower that has swirls coming out of it and that has stars at the end of the swirls...

I want to get something like that on my ankle, so it needs to be somewhat small.

I'm having trouble finding a picture, so i thought that i would check to see if any of you could help me out! =)

Also, please dont say "ask your tattoo artist to draw one for you" because i'm already aware of that option. Right now i just want to find some designs online. Thanks! =)

Hibiscus + star tattoo?
That is a VERY specific request! so unfortunately, you will probably not be able to find a design online...on the other hand, because it is specific, you can have someone create it for you. I myself am an artist, so if you just want some smaples, I'd be glad to draw up a few designs just for you to get a tate of it.

I had just looked up this for a different question.. maybe it was yours too? lol anyways, here was the link if you missed it .. :P

How do I get stickers off the window of my truck?

I put two stickers of those hibiscus flowers on my trucks back windows now i don't want them anymore because I have two skull stickers that don't go with pretty flowers. How would I take them off without the sticky crap getting stuck to my window?

How do I get stickers off the window of my truck?
two suggestions



Probably equal in cost, different volume in a bottle, not at all harmful. Peel the sticker first, even if you need a razor paint scraper, then wipe with either solution, wash off the spot, let dry, apply new stickers
Reply:all you need to do is take a blow dryer on high heat and then pass it back and forth on the sticker, and it will heat up the glue and most of it will come off. There will be a little glue left after you peel off all you can and then you can scrape it with a flat razor blade( be careful) and that should help you remove the stickers..

Reply:Lightly apply a solvent to the sticker. Potential solvents include anything from lighter fluid, acetone, nail polish remover, vegetable oil, olive oil or a product called Goo Gone. Soak a paper towel in the solvent, and rub that soaked paper towel over the sticker until some of the solvent soaks into the sticker.

Wash hands thoroughly after using the solvent

Car wax also works excellent (not the liquid type). Apply a coat on to the surface, wait 3 minutes, and then remove the sticker. Liquid wax will not work!
Reply:Razor blade and soapy water they make adhesive remover

in a spray can you could by at Autobody store or you could

use fingernail polish remover on the adhesive. Actually

the fingernail polish remover would be the easiest way to get

the adhesive off after you use the razor blade
Reply:the blade you need is called a glass scraper from any diy shop another way is to use a hair dryer to heat it and it should curl off

do not use any spirits or strippers becuase any drips will remove your paint job
Reply:Get a paint scraper. That should do it. Personally, I'd keep the flowers and get rid of the skulls. You might want to try hot soap and water to soak the stickers off. Dish soap might work or laundry soap.
Reply:do to wallgreens and their is a liquid that is for removing stickers it wont leave a mark on your window......if you do it any other way the sticker glue is going to look ugly
Reply:Use a razor blade, preferably one from a paint shop so you dont cut yourself. Get a sponge, and hot water, soak it for a bit. Then use the razor blade it will be easier.
Reply:Scrape off the excess sticker first. Then to get the residual "sticky" off -- any oil will work. Use a cooking oil or baby oil. Then use Windex or a vinegar/water solution to clean the oil off. :)
Reply:Goof Off and a razor blade, you can get it at a hardware store.
Reply:A plastic spatula from the dollar store and a hair dryer to heat the sticker up first a little.
Reply:my way is kinda weird I use peanut butter and a paint chipper be careful though when you do it kinda unconventional.
Reply:Turps usually do the trick (the stuff you use to clean paintbrushes etc)
Reply:really liz...who the heck puts stickers on their truck...

stickers are for your postage...
Reply:Razor blade then wipe down with brake fluid or orange peal(oil).
Reply:razor blade (be careful) and a bottle of "goo be gone" can get it at any wal mart-ish or craft store
Reply:lighter fluid...........and a match


How do you build the marriage hat and lei for the sims 2 castaway?

I have the white hibiscus flower, but i dont know how to make the hat and lei for my sims.

please help!

How do you build the marriage hat and lei for the sims 2 castaway?
i have it too for the lei you have to have a craft bench and all the other items it lists when you go to it. same for marriage hat.
Reply:go to great website for when you need help.

My hibiscus is dropping it's buds before they bloom?

I can't see any signs of bugs, and there are no animals where I live. They just drop off with a long stem attached. I have two bushes on either side of the tree and they flower just fine so I don't think I am under or over watering them. What should I do?

My hibiscus is dropping it's buds before they bloom?
First link covers questions about the care of the Hibiscus. Lots of questions and answers; some won't apply to yours, others may.

Second link, also caring for the plant, says the plant requires "a good amount of nutrients while growing and blooming".

I hope you'll be able to find an answer to your question. Best to you!
Reply:Are you having sudden climate changes?

You plant may also have disease.

There really nothing you can do


How do I paint my room without making it look childish?

I bought a new comforter that is light blue and light green with hibiscus flowers on it. What color or colors should I paint my room without making the room look childish? Also any recommendations on the color of the curtains? Thanks.

How do I paint my room without making it look childish?
To have complete color harmony in any room, you need 3 colors: 1 dominant (the wall color) 1 medium (the trim, molding, etc) and 1 accent color (the decorative objects such as comforters, pillows, cushions, paintings, vases, etc.) Keep in mind that black is not considered a color but the mixture of all colors and white is also not a color but the absence of color. It is however important to have a black element in any room, because this is what grounds all your colors together.

An ideal solution to choose paint colors in a room is to choose a decorative object and use one of the colors in that object. I'd go with your comforter. Choose one of the colors in the comforter that you like best and paint your walls that color. You can avoid it being childish by adding black as an element. Right now, black or charcoal molding and trim is REALLY HOT AND IN... Using black would give your room an asian feel, especially with hibiscus flowers. Add a few black vases, candle holders and maybe a black lamp and cushion on the bed. Even a black throw rug by the side of the bed (I'd opt for a bamboo rug). As for curtains, consider bamboo shades and add a couple of bamboo plants in the room (they are REALLY easy to keep alive!)

If it were me, I'd opt for the blue for the walls because blue is a very tranquil and appropriate color for a room.

If the black or charcoal doesn't do it for you, consider a neutral element, since your comforter is already busy enough. I still suggest a bamboo theme to the room (use a neutral beige bamboo color) and stay away from any beige that seems pink because this will make the room childish...

Enjoy your new room!
Reply:Go to Better Homes and Gardens web site, or DIY site and look at all the decorating pages. You're sure to find ideas there. I would pick colors a shade or two darker than those in your comforter and a complementary shade for the woodwork.

You could also take your comforter with you to the paint department to see what goes with it and ask for help. Lowes or Home Depot will be able to help you.
Reply:go with a neutal color and pick the curtains to match any of the smaller colors in the comforter

Can I have Tazo passion tea during pregnancy? I contains hibiscus flowers.?


Can I have Tazo passion tea during pregnancy? I contains hibiscus flowers.?
It makes me sad to read this question because women are so fearful about eating and drinking things.

It's hard to believe that tea made from hibiscus flowers could hurt you or your baby.
Reply:Last I heard hibiscus flowers were not dangerous during pregancy, and I'm sure Starbucks uses the fake stuff anyways.
Reply:Yes, you just have to limit your caffiene.
Reply:I love Tazo Teas. I don't see why you can't have them. You should go ahead and indulge... they are soo soothing...
Reply:I have been doing nothing but reading about what we can and cant eat for the past 8 weeks I have known I was pregnant, and I have never read anything aobut hibiscus flowers. I know intake of caffeine should be limited, thats the only concern with tea I know of. My doctor said my cup of white tea every day would be fine though, so I'm sure your tea will be fine as well.

I am sad I cant eat sushi though.
Reply:yes, thats my fav!!!


shoe buckles

How much do touch upos usually cost?

I'm getting a little hibiscus flower on my foot (like 1in x 1in) and then there are going to be swirls coming from it and then 2 nautical stars. Since the skin on your foot sheds more often than other areas of your body, and since foot tars require touch ups more often than other areas, i was jusst curious how much a touch up usually costs. Thanks. =)

How much do touch upos usually cost?
I've had my tattoo on my foot for over two years now and have never needed a touch up. It's not faded at all. I imagine that the cost of touch ups change based on the shop, but I really don't think it's something you have to worry about at this point. Just enjoy your tattoo and worry about touch ups if/when the time comes.

Good luck!!
Reply:some artists will touch-up your tattoo for free if they did it originally, but that usually only happens if there where some original areas that need to be fixed. most places won't charge much for a touch up, but its up to your individual artist. a good way to figure out if you're willing to keep up with it would be to talk to whoever is going to be doing your piece.
Reply:usually half of the cost you ended up paying for the original. it also depends on how much of a touch up you need. sometimes an artist might redo the whole thing or just shade back in a certain lines so it really depends how faded or messed up it got.
Reply:well if it needs a touch up within a year the shop will normally pick it up but if your thinking of every 5 years than it all depends on the shop and what they got to do to it. all honestly ask your tattooist about it.
Reply:my tattoo artist does my touch ups for free. i'm not sure if they all do that, though. it shouldn't be too much, i'd say maybe $10-20